Piano competitions for little children

There are many piano competitions for little children today. These are generating a large amount of money and the number of the competitions are still increasing.Do you agree or disagree?

The majority of piano teachers are struggling to find the best way to develop their students.Participation in piano competitions could be an immediately effect to develop a student’s potential abilities.In recent years, the number of piano competitions for little children has been increasing.I can tell you that the various levels of competitions are held everywhere on every weekend in Japan,but I don’t really agree with this trend.

My first reason is that I think musical education at an early age should be more individual and free, because the most important thing is developinig student’s personalities at that period.They should not care too much about the criticism from others.Secondly,for young children it is hard to understand the benefits of participation in the competitions.They will care only about victory and defeat just like a battle within music.Teachers should show them how joyful it is to share music and to heal people through music in the first years of learning how to play. Finally,I also think that little children such as kindergarteners are still mentally and physically immature,so I think that they can not endure the excessively long and boring practicetime and the very strict lessons.I believe that such experiences generate alot of students who hate playing the piano.

In summary, I strongly think that teachers must consider and wait for an appropriate moment when each student is completely ready for the competitions. Naturally, children and their parents want to try the musical battle and get the victory which they can clearly see, but they might lose the genuine goal to learn music if they are addicted to chasing a false victory―an unnecessary victory.

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