The best age to begin learning piano lessons

Recently, the number of students who start to take piano lessons at very early ages are increasing substantially. They think that starting the piano lessons from three years old is the best, others think five, or seven. Which one do you think is the best choice, and why?

Many people think that playing musical instruments is very valuable in their lives and many parents desire a good musical education for their children from an early age. Therefore piano lessons are the most popular musical education in Japan, and the age to start taking lessons is getting earlier now. My suggestion is five year old.

Firstly, development of human’s ear is complete by seven years old. You may get a high level of listening ability such as perfect pitch, if you start to play piano and take the training before age seven.

Secondly, playing piano needs high physical function which is so difficult for three-year-old children . For example, they must read notes and rhythm by first sight and have to find the correct keys and listen the sound at the sametime. Futhermore, they must understand numbers, letters and easy mathmatics to readc the music sheet. Of course each finger is moving independently and you have to use both hands.

Another reson that I think three years old is too early is that toddler may feel their teachers are their family member or friend because they still do not understand the difference between private and public well. Sometimes they can be spoild at the lessons, and that kind of relationship might continue even when they get older.

In summary, the best age to begin learning the piano is at age five. Because they can have enough time to develop their listning abilities and also can avoid various problems and difficulties. Finally, I think that the most important point is that you are eager to learn the piano, rather than at what age.

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