Do you need to buy an acoustic piano?

Most of parents whose children take piano lessons do not buy an acoustic piano. They buy an electric piano. Somepeople think it is good enough but others think they need to buy an acoustic piano. Which opinion do you agree with? I would like to discuss both attitude for that.

Recently, people who prefer to have an electric piano more than an acoustic one have increased because of development of electric instruments. The reason is they want to enjoy music more casually not by strict and formal way. So nowadays, most people will choose electric pianos as the first instrument for their children.

The first reason the people prefer an electric piano is for convinience. Those pianos are not heavy and easy to move. The difference of weights between an acoustis and an electric is almost 150kg. Electric pianos are quite portable. You can change the place where you want to play or you can put it in your car and take with you and play outside. Second reason is a function of headphone. You can enjoy your piano even midnight with the headphone without any nuisance to the neighbors. And thirdly, a touch -the force to strike the keys- are a little lighter than an acoustic piano so that it is easy to play with fragile fingers of small children.

However, that kind of casual style may lead the students to quit the strict lessons easily. I think it is probably hard for the students to keep motivation and patience. On the other hand, I guess that the students who spend much money for getting their own instrument are going to treat it carefully and love it.

Futhermore, the sound and its echo are quite diferrent between an electric instrument and acoustic ones. Piano teachers need to teach how beautiful the real acoustic sound is to their students.

In conclusion, it is clear both the electric piano and acoustic one have positive and negative points. So students and their parents should consider well in order to deside the best way because nobody can enjoy their musical life if their instruments does not fit their life style.

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