Does the students have to read the music?

There are some students who can not read music scores very much, even though they have a good sence of music. What challenge do they encounter? What strategies are there to meet these challenges?

Many students who have an older siblings or have acquired absolute pitch naturally often have special skills in playing the piano. These type of students can play songs which is not so complicated by listening those model sound source just once or twice. They do not want to do the tedious work which like reading music notes. However, if they continue such learning style and leave the ploblems and never overcome that, it will various problems.

Students who only work for a piano competition often have high performance skills, but they put weight to train listening and memory abilities because they do not have enough time to train reading or writing music notes. These students play like copy robots without their own thoughts and expressions, so they can not answer the question “why are you playing that way?”

Furthermore, they can not play new songs without a model sound source, and grouth may stop suddenly when they reach the intermediate level. There are not so much problems when the songs are simple, but when it becomes complecated, they can no longer read the score on their own. If you say that problem in language acquisition, children who can talk and listen but can not read and write. You have to start over from elemantary school admission level if you are so.

Here is an advice from famous piano tutor “A song you can play at first sight is your real level, not a song that you practice for a long time “.

So now, it might looks even troublesome work but if you do not adress your problem, it will eventually turn in to a big problem. The score will be readable by treaning. So, challenging weak field will lead to further growth!

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